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The largest store selection of only quality CBD (Cannabidiol) products in the UK

Our range includes top shelf single origin CBD infused coffees and a selection of the finest loose leaf CBD teas from around the world. We also stock a diverse range of premium CBD oils and the best CBD e-liquid  various flavours. Our products are safe and legal to buy in the UK.

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CBD Coffee Medium
CBD Skin Care
CBD Coffee Medium
CBD Skin Care


Every best CBD oil product in the UK is lab per batch tested to show free from any nasties (heavy metals, molds & mycotoxins), residual solvents & pesticides. Most importantly lab-tested to ensure THC free. See information on our lab for further details.


We stock a wide range of products and have combined CBD with everybody’s favorite beverages so now your favorite wellness product is available in the delicious format. From the best CBD coffee in the UK to only the best CBD teas in the UK, with the best quality CBD oil in the UK also.


All our products have been independently lab tested to ensure the correct amount of CBD is present in each product, is safe to use, and THC free. See information on our lab for further details.

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For more information on ordering and using your cbd products.

Will I receive marketing emails?2021-03-26T12:34:43+00:00

Apart from the transactional emails, you will not receive any marketing emails, unless you had opted for it. We DO NOT share customer data with any third party websites or agencies.

Is my information secure?2021-03-26T12:34:49+00:00

he data stored is 100% secure and all passwords are encrypted and stored in our website CMS.  Please see our privacy policy.

Can I return my CBD products?2021-03-26T12:34:57+00:00

Once an order has been dispatched you may return the goods within 30 days of receipt. Goods must be unopened with seals intact. If an item has been used/opened we cannot accept a return due to potential denaturing of the product.  To cancel or return goods please contact us via email quoting your order number.  Please see our refund policy for full details.

Do you ship overseas?2021-03-26T12:35:05+00:00

At present we only deliver within the UK and the EU (with the exception of Denmark, Finland and Slovakia)

How old do I need to be to buy CBD products?2021-03-26T12:35:15+00:00

his product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18.

What if I have more questions?2021-03-26T12:36:07+00:00

We have written some very extensive articles in our About CBD section we strongly advise you to read and inform yourself as much as possible before buying any CBD product. Also, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of the benefits of this in our opinion revolutionary wellness product, so feel free to drop us an email or call anytime and we will be happy to help were we can.

Do you have warranty on your products?2021-03-26T12:36:14+00:00

Always use the ‘best before’ dates on product packaging to determine product life.  As long as your product is stored correctly between uses, we guarantee a minimum of 6 months shelf life from when the product is dispatched.

Can you take orders over the phone?2021-03-26T12:36:20+00:00

Yes we take orders via our website and you can call us on 0161 360 0999

How can I pay for my CBD products?2021-03-26T12:36:32+00:00

We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit card or direct bank transfer. We take your privacy seriously and therefore we do not store your card details on our server.

How can I ensure that the CBD I buy does not have high levels of THC above the legal limit?2021-04-06T10:33:46+01:00

Good question. UK E Labs Ltd t/a CBD Hemporium has just submitted our Novel Food application. We have an extensive scientific division through our sister company Eos Scientific. UK E Labs is ISO:9001 accredited, our sister lab has all most completed their ISO17025, and work to GLP good lab processing standards.

All our products are batch tested to ensure not only the correct amount of CBD in our products, but also that our products are free from contaminants and pollutants such as heavy metals, moulds & mycotoxins, pesticides & herbicides and residual solvents. Furthermore, all our products are undergoing rigorous testing as part of the Novel Foods framework, including for example shelf stability & degradation studies that shows under extreme storage conditions are products to not degrade in to anything harmful.

Given our scientific capacities, we can assure our customers with 100% confidence which we validate by way of our labe certification, that our products are completely THC free and you will only get the benefits of CBD without any of the undesirable side effects of THC as there is none present in our products.

How should I store my CBD oil and other products?2021-03-26T12:37:21+00:00

The best place to keep the CBD oil and other products is in a cool, dry, dark place (such as a cupboard) away from direct sunlight and out of the reach from children when not in use.

How much CBD should I take?2021-03-26T12:37:28+00:00

We recommend you take the CBD oil products only as directed on the label.

Can I travel with my CBD oil?2021-03-26T12:37:45+00:00

Our CBD oil is legal within the UK.  It is recommended that if you travel outside of the UK with your CBD oil or CBD products it is best to check the laws of the country you wish to travel to BEFORE you travel.

What are the benefits of CBD and what dosage should I use?2021-04-06T10:35:08+01:00

To abide by UK law we are unable to make medical claims or recommendations regarding the use of CBD oils and all our other CBD products including CBD coffee, CBD vape, CBD infused tea CBD edibles and CBD skin care including our CBD balms and CBD creams. 

Any such recommendations could be viewed by the MHRA and other agencies as promoting CBD oil as a medicine, which is illegal.  Everybody responds differently to CBD oil as our bodies and lifestyles are unique to each individual. Therefore we offer a wide range of products containing different concentrations of CBD in different forms so that you can determine which products enhance your wellbeing the best though a process of trial and error and starting low and slow and building your dosage gradually.

We strongly believe in the general wellness and well being benefits of our CBD oil products, so we have created a diverse range of products including CBD oil drops, CBD oil spray, CBD infused coffee, CBD infused teas and CBD e-liquids.

Is CBD legal to buy?2021-03-26T12:37:56+00:00

Yes. Our CBD oil, CBD Vape, CBD coffee, CBD tea, CBD edibles, CBD skin care including our CBD balms and CBD creams are all made from organically derived hemp via a full plant full spectrum CBD extract, unlike some cheaper CBD oils which are not full spectrum CBD oil but instead are made from CBD isolate, which is illegal. Our products are sold as a food supplement and everyday wellness product, and as such they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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