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Thanks for checking out our blog! The CBD Hemporium blog is packed full of knowledge and information for those curious about cannabinoids. You’ve probably heard of CBD and stumbled upon our blog to find out if it’s right for you. We provide you with scientific research on CBD and you’ll also find the latest CBD news, CBD reviews and tips on how to get started on your CBD journey.

CBD has become popular in the UK for its many benefits to wellbeing. But not all products are created equally. There is also a lot of confusion about which CBD products are best for you and how much you should take. You can read below answers to these questions, but remember that everyone reacts differently to CBD. One thing is for certain CBD Hemporium sells the best CBD products in the UK through our brand Equilibrium CBD all our products are manufactured with organic hemp and individually lab-tested for quality, safety and efficacy. You can be confident that the amount of CBD listed on the bottle is in fact inside the product.

Have you tried CBD for yourself? It’s legal in the UK, 100% safe to use daily and our CBD products have below .2% of THC, so there are no side effects related to marijuana. We are unable to make medical claims or recommendations regarding the use of CBD oils, but we firmly believe in the general wellness and wellbeing benefits of our full spectrum CBD oil products. We are here if you have any questions about our premium line of CBD products.

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